INDIANAPOLIS – Temperatures are in the 80s, the air is sticky, and storms are out there this Saturday afternoon. This summer-like weather will not last much longer through the weekend with a front moving through Sunday.

Saturday night rain chance

Showers and storms will be in the area this Saturday evening and overnight into Sunday. Rainfall will be scattered and greatest in the southwestern half of the state. Storms will be generally garden-variety with an isolated strong to severe storm along the Indiana-Illinois border.

A glance at Sunday’s changes

We’ll wake up to a mostly cloudy Sunday with temps in the low 60s. You’ll notice a different feel in the air by the late morning as dry air inundates the state and washes out humidity. Temps will warm a bit slower with less sunshine and the northerly wind. Highs will eventually peak in the mid 70s and it will feel comfortable in the afternoon. An isolated shower or storm is possible through the midday.

We’ll continue to dry and eventually clear as we head into Monday and continue through the week! Our next rainfall is unlikely to come before Friday.