Hoosiers skeptical Belichick and Brady unaware of “deflategate”

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind – Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick and Tom Brady spoke out about “deflategate” on Thursday. Both the player and the coach said they had no knowledge about any under-inflated footballs in Sunday’s AFC Championship game against the Colts.

Brady also said he had not been contact yet by the NFL about the case.

“Deflategate” is everywhere. It’s the top story nationally, and it’s even made international headlines.

Thursday at 1070 The Fan, sports talk show host JMV spent the afternoon taking calls.

“I’m tired of New England cheating, man,” said one caller.

“Taking away draft picks doesn’t really hurt a team,” said another.

Sunday’s blowout loss for the Colts created a super-size scandal for the NFL. Analysts said footballs two pounds of pressure short could’ve been easier to hold in nasty weather, exactly the conditions the players faced in Foxborough.

“I feel like I`ve always played within the rules. I would never do anything to break the rules. I believe in fair play and I respect the league and everything they are doing to create a competitive playing field for all the NFL teams,” said Tom Brady, in a news conference Thursday.

Brady spoke to reporters and said he wasn’t a cheater. Head Coach Bill Belichick denied having any knowledge of the under-inflated balls.

But Thursday afternoon, sports talk show host JMV called bull on Belichick and Brady’s claims. He said somebody high up had to know.

“The reason why you do it is, there’s no worry about the consequences of doing it. I just think you have coaches like that, players like that, at that level, that have been so good and can be so good you’re always looking for that edge,” he said.

As for who will take the fall, JMV predicts it will be a a low man on the totem pole.

“These guys are going to skate, and I think if somebody gets in trouble, it’s going to be at a much lower level than coach and quarterback,” he said.

With punishment from the NFL brewing, some just want “deflategate” to run out of air.

“I wish this story’d go to bed,” said one caller.

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