Hoosiers send help to Louisiana flooding victims

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Thousands of people have been displaced in Louisiana after more than 20 inches of rain fell there this weekend, causing severe flooding through many communities in the southern part of the state.

“It really hit home for me, yesterday around 4, when I saw the video from my house and my neighbors’ houses and they said water was up to their roof,” said Baton Rouge resident, Katie Wallis.

Wallis is living for now at the hospital where she’s a nurse. She was flooded out of her home this weekend and has been unable to see her husband and son.

“It’s not just a few people, it’s everybody. The people who haven’t been affected are the minority,” she said.

“It will go out of here probably no later than tomorrow,” said Cindy Hubert, President and CEO of Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana.

Already, truckloads of supplies in Indianapolis have been gathered to send down to Louisiana. Gleaners is one of many local organizations pledging to help. The organization is sending down two truckloads, filled each with 40,000 pounds of supplies.

“We’ve got paper products ready to go. We’ve got toilet paper, paper towels, anything that can help them rebuild their households,” said Hubert.

Food, Hubert said, is not needed. Hygiene, cleaning supplies, clothes, she said, to help people get back on their feet, is what the flooding victims in Louisiana are in need of the most.

“These people just didn’t expect it. Cars, people being dragged out of their cars and so what this will help them do is to again, rebuild their lives,” she said.

If you’d like to help, volunteers are needed in Baton Rouge. You can call the American Red Cross in Louisiana at (225) 291-4533 if you’d like to help.

If you can’t go to Louisiana, you can bring clothing, cleaning and hygiene supplies to Gleaner’s headquarters at 3737 Waldemere Ave, Indianapolis.

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