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Hoosiers report delays, lack of answers about missing stimulus payments


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — People who didn’t receive their stimulus payments via direct deposit last week tell the CBS4 Problem Solvers they are struggling to get answers about when the money will arrive.

The IRS deposited the payments into Americans’ accounts based on direct deposit information available through 2019 or 2018 tax filings.

Multiple Hoosiers who reported issues said they did their taxes through large tax preparation companies and either had fees taken out of their returns or opted to have refunds placed on prepaid debit cards. Those methods likely caused the IRS not to have their direct deposit information on file.

Tanya Finley lives in Shelbyville and uses H&R Block’s Emerald card. She said that she could not get an answer from the company about her refund and when she tried to enter her bank account information on the IRS website, she received an error message.

“It doesn’t tell you it’s going to reroute the check, it doesn’t tell you it’s going to do anything. It just kind of leaves you in limbo,” Finley said.

Lyn Kruger, an Indianapolis resident, received her stimulus payment but noticed that it was less than the $2,400 she expected. She later received an email from H&R Block saying that her tax preparation fees had been mistakenly taken out of the amount when it was routed through the company and into her bank account.

“It’s almost $300 and … March 16th was my last day of work and I’ve not gotten any unemployment yet (either),” Kruger said.

Kruger did receive the rest of her money late this week.

The CBS4 Problem Solvers spoke to Sherry Borshoff, a tax professional who runs her own firm, Borshoff Consulting, in Carmel. She said that many of her clients pay taxes every year, rather than receive refunds, so their deposit information is not on file with the IRS. They also reported issues accessing the IRS website.

“The online tool that they have at will say ‘Status unavailable.’ Well, what does that mean? It just means that most likely, they haven’t got the data for your tax return in that system yet,” Borshoff said.

Borshoff said that even tax professionals like herself cannot call the IRS for information right now, leaving little options to get information about your payment if you haven’t received it.

“You’re going to get that money eventually, it’s just there are a lot of people in the U.S. and it’s just going to take time,” Borshoff said.

“The anticipation of having the extra money coming in has been great, but not having it here has been very hard,” Finley said.

The IRS says it is updating information to its web portal daily, so you should keep trying to enter your information. You can access the website at the link here.

A spokesperson with H&R Block sent the following statement regarding Emerald card holders:

“The IRS is determining when and how stimulus payments are distributed. Payments are being processed as soon as they are received, including payments made to Emerald Cards. We have been contacting Emerald Card clients with any information we have about their stimulus payment. H&R Block is not withholding fees from stimulus payments, including those placed on Emerald Cards.”

H&R Block spokesperson

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