INDIANA (WEHT) — One of the most anticipated tours of the summer has many fans bleeding their wallets dry just to get seats. Pearl Jam, a group that regularly sells out shows thanks to their massive fanbase and family-like community, is hitting the road for nine dates this August and September.

Many fans are excited to see the band stop in Noblesville, granted that it’s been over a decade since Pearl Jam made an appearance in Indiana. But when fans got onto Ticketmaster to choose their seats, many concertgoers tell us they were shocked at the prices they saw.

“Went in the waiting room 10 minutes like it said and there was already over 2000 people in front of me. When it was my turn I just about fell out of my chair to see tickets in the back for $700-$950,” says John, a member of the Facebook group Official Pearl Jam Ten Club Members.

The band limited dynamic pricing to only 10% of tickets, which Ticketmaster uses as a way of adjusting prices of tickets based on demand. This tactic, however, meant that many fans tried to buy tickets and were greeted by a near $1,000 price tag.

“I’ve been a Pearl Jam fan since the 90s, and love their music, but the prices they’ve agreed to, and the way Ticketmaster surges prices, should be unlawful,” explains Heather, a Newburgh resident. “And fans keep purchasing tickets at these exorbitant prices, so this will continue to happen, until we all boycott and refuse to attend.”

Despite an overall sense of frustration from fans, Pearl Jam seemingly tried to avoid the high cost of tickets brought upon by scalpers and resellers by using Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan. This registration system allowed some, but not all, of concertgoers access to buy tickets after the Ten Club lottery closed.

While many Hoosiers were surprised by the difficulty and expense of getting tickets, some didn’t have as many issues. Douglas, another Indiana member of the Facebook group, tells us he was able to get four lawn tickets smoothly as he imagines “jumping through all the annoying hoops could have been.”

Over the course of three decades, Pearl Jam seems to have shifted from feuding with Ticketmaster to working together in an attempt to get fans tickets without scalper price gouging.

At the end of the day, one thing is for certain — Pearl Jam is expected to bring concertgoers a night to remember and a unique setlist of rarities, hits and fan-favorites.