INDIANAPOLIS — A few hundred people turned out on Monument Circle Saturday afternoon for a rally to support the people of Ukraine.

The country is in the midst of a war with Russia after the Russians invaded the country.

This was the second weekend in a row ralliers have called for an end to the fighting in Ukraine.

“When I heard that Russia was stepping onto Ukrainian soil to invade it broke my heart,” rally organizer Anna Kuventsova said.

Kuventsova immigrated to the United States from Ukraine but says she still has many family and friends back in Ukraine.

 “My uncle is still there he refuses to leave,” Kuventsova said. “We have organized this event in the hopes to get the word spread out to bolster humanitarian aid.”

The rally organizers encouraged the attendees to do and give what they can to support the people on the front lines as well as the those fleeing into neighboring countries.

“People are dying and if the dying doesn’t seem to dissipate and will continue then I think as a moral imperative we must speak out against it,” Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett said.

Hogsett attended the rally to show his support for Ukrainian-Americans living in Indianapolis. He said he was supportive of measures taken to cut ties with Russian businesses and would do more if he can.

“We also remain open to the Ukrainian-American leadership in this community for ways that they could say if the city would do this it might send a powerful message,” Hogsett said.

Many attendees said they hope Ukraine can have peace soon, but until then they will do everything they can to help defend their homeland.

“We must all unite as a people as humans because what is going on in Ukraine right now is truly inhumane,” Kuventsova said.