Hoosiers enjoy moments of normalcy this 4th of July amid pandemic


NOBLESVILLE — Many Hoosiers in Noblesville were thrilled the city decided to hold the annual parade and fireworks festival despite the pandemic.

Families were grateful for a chance of normalcy in an uncertain time.

“It was great,” Paul Hevesy said. “The weather was great, and a lot of people did come out. I was a little worried there might not be that many people, but there was a lot of people in the parade, there was a lot of people out as well. It is fun to be part of something normal again.”

Paul came with his wife, Cady, and daughters, Loralei and Sophie. Usually they are enjoy a backyard picnic with neighbors, but the parade was this year’s highlight.

“We thought it was great, and it was great to celebrate America,” Hevesy said. “We love this country, and it’s a great opportunity for us, especially during these times, to make sure that everyone knows that we love this country, and it’s a great place to be.”

Other Hoosiers, like Grace Bocko and Carol Davidson, do not feel like celebrating this year.

“I just feel like in order to celebrate today, we should be fixing the issues that we already have,” Bocko said while standing alongside Davidson. “I would celebrate that.”

These two friends and co-workers were also disappointed to see the small number of people wearing masks to the event.

“I do wish that people would distance from each other a little bit more still because there are still a lot of cases, new cases happening,” Bocko said.

Davidson agreed.

“I am appalled, by the fact that I think I saw three masks today, well four with yours and five with Grace’s,” she said.

Masks were encouraged at the festivities but not required.

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