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One year since the inauguration of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, we wanted to hear directly from Hoosier voters.

During the past month we gathered 16 voters in two focus groups at City Market in downtown Indianapolis. Panelists from our Sunday morning show IN Focus picked the participants. Eight voted for Hillary Clinton, seven voted for Donald Trump and the final participant (who was too young to vote on Election Day) would have voted for Trump.

The conversations lasted more than an hour. The Hoosiers included first-time voters, military veterans, a business owner, a teacher and former health care executive. And from the moment we started, there wasn’t a lull in the conversation. From religion to sports, immigration, the media and Twitter, seemingly every topic highlighted the divide.

We hope this is a starting point to engage a much wider and diverse conversation. We invite you to engage in the videos and share your thoughts. Every voter agreed this conversation is critical now more than ever.

We think you’ll soon see why.