BLOOMINGTON, Ind — A local Hoosier is hoping to piece together history. She recently bought an antique film reel from a store in Bloomington, and to her surprise the reel was full of old home videos.

“It’s almost like stuff you would see in a movie that is throwback,” tells Leah Tribbett who bought the 8 millimeter film reels from the Bloomington Antique Mall, “I was pretty drawn to it when I initially saw it.”

She is a photographer and videographer living in Indy, but graduated from Indiana University. She was near here alma mater shopping when she stumbled upon the reels sitting on the floor of the store. The reels were supposed to be new decor for her home studio.

“I shoot a bit of super eight film myself, kind of go back to the basics,” tells Tribbett, “I actually purchased a film to digital converter myself.”

The device turns the film into a computer file. The video showed a series of old home videos that depict a young boy growing up. Here is one video below.

“A lot of family time so like cookouts, out by the lake, in the back of a red truck,” lists Tribett, “It feels very midwest to me, and I want to hope that it’s from Bloomington or the surrounding area.”

She has been posting the videos on social media hoping to reunite the film with the family. A second clip of videos is shown below here.

We spoke with Will Rosena, General Manager of the Bloomington Antique Mall. His store rents space to vendors and dealers to sell their merchandise. When he learned of Tribbett’s search, he suggested she start by tracking down the vendor, and going from there.

“Just like the FBI and CIA, you have to start backwards. You go back to the previous owner, and find that person. That is fairly easy to do. Talk to that person. Where did you get it from? How did you buy it? Go back to that locale,” tells Rosena.

Often Rosena and his team have to identify if an antique is real or a replica, which led to more advice for Tribbett.

“Then you have to watch the background of the video, and get hints of where was this taken?” explains Tribbett, “Sometimes the trees will give you a hint. There’s trees indigenous to the midwest that are not in Florida or Texas.”

“There are a couple clips of coal mining within it,” adds Tribbett, “Thousands of people have shared it, and I think everyone is really rooting for this reunion.”