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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – In a room packed with friends and family, a special group of accomplished veterans were inducted into the Indiana Military Hall of Fame at the Garrison at Fort Benjamin Harrison on Friday. This honor is extended to only a select few based on military achievements and community service.

CW4(ret.) Forrest Myers told CBS4 he is humbled by the recognition. Myers served the United States for nearly three decades.

“I’m an old country boy that grew up on a farm in Crawford County, Indiana,” Myers said. “And now, I’m being inducted into this. That means quite a bit to me.”

Myers has every right to boast, he is a decorated veteran, serving in both WWII and Vietnam.

“I had two Air Medals of Valor,” Myers said.

Myers joined a distinguished group of veterans, like retired Airman Jay Collars.

“It’s overwhelming,” Collars said. “This is unbelievable that someone like myself could be awarded such an honor.”

Collars also has numerous service medals to his name, such as the Bronze Star with Valor, the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Meritorious Service Medal.

“The fact that I could serve the nation the way I wanted to serve it,” Collars said. “I’m really basically a patriotic individual, and I believe in what the country stands for. I believe in what the country does for the world.”

Eight of the 16 recipients of hall of fame honors have passed. The inductees have decades of service between them. They have also learned plenty of lessons along the way.

“My advice to young people is in all the chaos that you find and listen to of the political discourse, still remember we live in the greatest country in the world,” David Eberly said. Eberly is a retired Airman.

As Veterans Day approaches, those with spoke with encourage people to have a conversation with those who served our country.

“Talk to a veteran, and learn about the trials and the service that he and she performed for this great country,” Eberly urged.