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LOUISVILLE, Ind. –Thousands of drivers have but thousands more haven’t and that is causing officials who manage the toll system for several bridges at the Indiana/Kentucky state lines to put a hold on vehicle registrations for drivers who haven’t paid their tolls and late fees.

According to RiverLink, the operating agency of the toll system for those bridges, nearly 16,000 vehicle registration holds were put on Indiana licensed vehicles and almost 20,000 holds were put on Kentucky vehicles.

Nearly 6,500 drivers have paid their dues so far, adding up to $170,000, according to a news release. In total, unpaid tolls and fees amounted to $7 million.

Holds will start next week for drivers who have not paid their fees. A notification about the hold will be mailed 10 days after the driver receives their fourth and final RiverLink notice. The driver should also receive collection calls.

A registration hold is only a problem when a driver goes to renew their registration. They will be denied until the hold is released.

RiverLink tolls are used to maintain the Abraham Lincoln, Kennedy and Lewis and Clark bridges and the RiverLink tolling system, as well as to pay off the cost of the $2.3 billion Ohio River Bridges Project.