Homeowners work quickly to clean up between spring storms: ‘Wait until daylight’

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HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. – Sunday’s rain and strong winds aren’t helping one bit with storm cleanup.  It’s been three days since substantial storms on Thursday, and homeowners are having a hard time keeping up.

A massive tree landed just inches away from Angie Everitt’s home in the Woodland neighborhood off of 116th street.

“It was a pretty loud crash,” said Everitt. “I was pretty emotional when it happened.”

Everitt says the sound of trees falling was terrifying. Her entire neighborhood was left in disarray. Three days later, branches remain scattered in yards and power lines are dangling nearby.

Just five minutes away from Everitt’s house, a resident was very lucky to not be injured after a tree fell straight into their roof.

Homeowners are trying to clean up before another spring storm rolls in, but the hours in between simply aren’t long enough.

“That really has been a big effort in some areas,” said Shane Booker, the Executive Director of Hamilton County Emergency Management.

Booker says two significant storms days apart makes it difficult.

“We had a lot of 911 calls that came in,” said Booker. “We had over 30 reports of lines down on Thursday.”

Booker and others monitor what’s happening in your neighborhood from the emergency operations center. He warns homeowners to play it safe this spring.

“Wait until daylight to assess that damage to see if maybe trees or limbs that are down,” said Booker. “Stay inside until you have that light to make sure power lines aren’t involved with any of those trees or maybe anything else that has been blown around in the wind.”

As we all know, this is just the beginning. So hold off on the cleanup until the forecast is clear.

“Lightning can strike from miles away from a thunderstorm, and it’s better to be safe than sorry,” said Booker.

Hamilton county EMA did activate their emergency operations center Thursday. Booker says he made the call not open the center on Sunday.

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