Homeowner fights for payment after catching semi-truck driver causing thousands in damage

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UPDATE (June 11, 2020) — About a month after CBS4 Problem Solvers aired this report, repairs were made to the guardrail adjacent to Justin Hughes’ home. According to a June email from an employee at the trucking company, the guardrail is city of Indianapolis property and the company paid a $300 invoice to reimburse the city for repairs.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A homeowner caught a semi-truck driver on camera cutting through his lawn last year, but he says getting the company to pay for damages hasn’t been easy.

The video shows the truck driving over a guardrail along the side of Justin Hughes’ property and through his front yard, leaving tire tracks and smashed lighting. Hughes said despite attempts to flag the driver down, he did not stop.

“I was pretty upset, pretty angry,” Hughes said.

Luckily, since Hughes caught the incident on video, he had the name of the trucking company: Logistics Services Inc. out of Minnesota.

“I contacted the company and spoke with their representative, who is I guess their safety director, and they asked that I allow them to handle this internally,” Hughes said.

That was last May. Hughes said the company wanted him to obtain multiple quotes for the damage, but he struggled to find a contractor willing to get involved.

“I’ve had a lot of difficulty finding a contractor to do this kind of work, especially privately,” Hughes said.

Hughes finally did get a quote in December for $3,000. He said that it took weeks for the company to respond.

“She asked me to resend the estimate. I’ve done so. I’ve since contacted them a dozen times asking what’s going on and have gotten no response whatsoever,” Hughes said.

The CBS4 Problem Solvers reached out to Logistics Services Inc. for comment, but have not heard back. Hughes said he hoped to get the company to honor its commitment and was even willing to do some of the work himself if it helped get the job done.

“I just want them to be held accountable for what they’ve done and acknowledge what they’ve done and repair the damage to my property,” Hughes said.

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