Home inspector, jailed on third OWI charge, still holds active state license

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A home inspector facing complaints from customers in the Indianapolis area landed behind bars the day before a state hearing on his license.

CBS4 Problem Solvers has been looking into Anthony Maxie, who runs a home inspection service called Home Time Inspections.

Over the past three months, six customers in central Indiana have told us they hired Maxie to perform an inspection on a house they were trying to buy, but he either gave them an incomplete report or never delivered a report at all. Each customer reported losing between $180-$600 to Maxie, as well as the money they spent to hire a new inspector to do the work.

“It’s frustrating. It’s very, very frustrating,” customer Kristina Snellenberger said.

Snellenberger and her husband first alerted CBS4 Problem Solvers about Maxie’s company. The couple said not only did Maxie do a sub-par job, but he also threatened them via text message.

“It got (really) nasty,” Robert Snellenberger said. “Message after message after message, for what seemed like hours, of him just cussing me out, telling me to go take a swim and not come back.”

The Snellenbergers, as well as all of the other customers who spoke to CBS4 Problem Solvers both on and off camera, said they found Home Time Inspections through an online search, and it stuck out because of an advertised $199 “inspection special.”

“I’m a single mom trying to get back on my feet with two kids. I was just trying to save money,” customer Rhiannon Stavroules said.

Stavroules said she hired Maxie around the 4th of July, and paid him more than $200 to inspect her home.

“(He) said he would send me my report that night or the next day at the latest,” Stavroules said. “It’s been two weeks and a day and I still have nothing.”

Brittany Philpott and Coty Coffman said their experience was similar: they were first-time homebuyers who had never hired a home inspector before, and weeks later they still had not received a report from Maxie.

“He blocked our numbers,” Coffman said. “We just bit the bullet and hired another person.”

Since Maxie obtained his state home inspectors license in 2013, he’s been convicted of multiple felonies in both Jackson and Scott counties in southern Indiana, where he lives. Officials in both counties have recently accused Maxie of violating the terms of his probation.

Last week, Jackson County officials issued a warrant to arrest Maxie for violating home detention. When officers picked him up, they also charged Maxie with Operating While Intoxicated. According to court paperwork, Maxie has been convicted of two OWI charges since 2014, including one in March of this year.

CBS4 Problem Solvers caught up with Maxie, who was handcuffed and being escorted to court in Scott County. He claimed to have performed 10,000 inspections, and said the customers who spoke to us are not representative of his customer base.

“There’s tons of, thousands of satisfied customers every day,” Maxie said. “We disagree with their claims.”

When pressed, Maxie said he could not recall Stavroules or Philpott, who both said they contacted him dozens of times in July to try and obtain their reports.

“I don’t have the information in front of me,” Maxie said. “You could read (their names) to me and I would have no way of verifying or knowing, obviously, at this moment.”

CBS4 Problem Solvers has also learned that Maxie has been on the state’s radar for at least a year.

In March, the Attorney General’s Office filed an administrative complaint against Maxie, saying an Indianapolis customer hired him on July 16, 2016 and he “failed to provide (her) with a written home inspection report.”

Despite that allegedly happening a year ago, Maxie’s state license to perform home inspections remains active.

It’s the Home Inspectors Licensing Board’s responsibility to take action on a license, but the board’s August 4 meeting was its first of the year. The board cancelled a meeting in March and did not reach a quorum in July. There are currently two vacant positions on the board.

Maxie’s license was on the agenda for last week’s meeting, but the board continued the issue to its December meeting after a Deputy Attorney General stated she would be working on an amended complaint. The board also said it wanted Maxie to be there to answer their questions in person.

“You want him to come before you and you want to hear the facts,” an attorney advising the board said at the meeting.

The reason Maxie didn’t appear, though, was because he was being held without bond in Scott County. He’ll be held that way for 15 days, at which time his cases in both Scott and Jackson counties will determine what happens to him next.

A spokesperson for the Home Inspectors Licensing Board denied a request to interview any board members. Maxie’s license expires in October, and if he does apply to renew it, he would be required to disclose his felony convictions, which could trigger an additional review by the board.

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