CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG: Holcombs introduce cat to Indiana Governor’s Residence


INDIANAPOLIS — Watch out Henry, you got some competition for cuteness in the Indiana Governor’s Residence.

The Henry Holcomb social media pages introduced the public to the Indiana Governor’s Residence’s newest resident Thursday. While Topper is only 4-months-old, they are already having run of the office.

Topper was born on April 11, and arrived at the Indiana Governor’s Residence on July 8. It took a while for Governor Eric Holcomb and First Lady Janet Holcomb to decide on a name for the kitten. That is, until they looked up.

While not taking cat naps, the kitten likes to climb to the tip-tops of trees, which is where the Holcombs derived Topper’s name from.

We are told Topper is full of personality and is very photogenic. We can’t say they are wrong.

Welcome to the Indiana Governor’s Residence Topper!

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