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INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett unveiled the 2022 budget proposal to the City-County Council Monday evening, something he says is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to address crime in Marion County and the root causes of it.

Thanks to funds from the American Rescue Plan, the budget includes an unprecedented amount of money to tackle rising violence and the root causes of crime.

City leaders identified a 3-year strategy in hopes of making a significant impact on homicides, shootings and stabbings.

The money will be allocated in the following ways:

  • Community investments: $82 million
    • Group violence intervention programming and expansion to 50 peacemakers: $37 million
    • Anti-violence community grants: $45 million
    • Domestic violence: $250,000
  • Traditional law enforcement: $33 million
    • Expansion of non-sworn public safety officer unit: $4,500,000
    • 100 new IMPD officers: $19,500,000
    • Modern crime fighting technology: $9,000,000
  • Root causes: $51.5 million
    • Mental health programming: $30,000,000
    • Hunger relief: $6,000,000
    • Workforce development training: $5,000,000
    • AIC expansion: $3,000,000
    • Re-entry services: $5,500,000
    • Police Athletic League Programming: $2,000,000

“The acknowledgement of pain felt by those scarred by gun violence is meaningless. The compassion we all feel is insufficient if it does not translate into change,” said Hogsett.

A large portion of the money set aside for focusing on root causes of crime is earmarked for mental health services.

“The amount of dollars that we’re putting into the community is significant,” said Lauren Rodriguez, director of the Office of Public Health and Safety.

“The community is going to get more dollars that they’ve been needing for decades. These aren’t dollars that we’re taking lightly so I’m excited to see the impact on those communities.”

City-county Council members will begin going over the budget on Tuesday. The final approval is set for the October City-county Council meeting. The budget will go into effect on January 1, 2022.

You can look at the budget proposal below.