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INDIANAPOLIS — We had to get creative the last couple months to bring you the news, building temporary workspaces in the newsroom for reporters, anchors and meteorologists.

Some people asked if we were separating again due to COVID, but no — our CBS4 studio was under major construction to create the bigger, brighter, high-tech space that was unveiled today.

The set is designed to look great on TV, of course, but most importantly it gives us more effective, immediate and eye-catching ways to deliver the news that’s important to you, from our Forecast First weather reports to hard-hitting Consumer Investigations.

New CBS4 studio: Take a tour with Traffic Anchor Justin Kollar

Much larger walls of monitors take you right into the action, as it happens, in ways we weren’t able to do before. We can show far more detail in videos, graphics, photos and maps, and the displays better lend themselves to communication with reporters in the field.

In total, the new studio has 37 monitors and professional displays that make up four giant video walls and three large-screen standup areas for anchors and reporters. The studio is now more than 2,000 square feet — nearly 50% larger than before — after removing some walls.

The design pays homage to Indiana in subtle ways: curved lighting above the monitors as a wink to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track, a miniature yard of bricks on the floor, a pylon-style monitor behind the anchor desk and Brown County limestone.

For the first-time, we have a monitor that rotates from horizontal to vertical, allowing us to show the cell phone videos and photos you share with us the way they’re meant to be viewed.

We’ve added a personalized, ready-for-air workstation for traffic and weather to monitor changing conditions and update maps and graphics in real time, even while we’re live on air. The larger monitors show you exactly where things are going on in more detail, and we can show much broader geographic areas.

The studio is equipped with robotic cameras that move themselves around to get different angles and heights we weren’t able to show you before. And fun fact: We’ve even got a secret door, as Traffic Anchor Justin Kollar explains in the video above.