High School fall sports still on in Marion County


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind- Season or no season, Jarrod Reddix and his Pike football teammates are still putting in work this offseason.

“Any day they could take it away from us, so we’ve gotta work hard on and off the field, take every moment we got,” Reddix said.

For a few hours Wednesday afternoon, it seemed like it was the day as reports surfaced that the Marion County Health Department was shutting down the season until October.

“We were in the middle of the meeting when I caught that on my phone,” said Decatur Township Superintendent Matt Prusiecki.

Prusiecki says he and other county superintendents were all in the middle of a zoom call with the Marion County Health Board when the news came out.

“That caught a lot of us by surprise,” he said. “As we discussed that, the decision was made that that would be something that would be under review for the next 2-3 weeks… Any cancellation, that was not the case.”

So, for now, sports in Marion County and Decatur Township are still on as scheduled, and Prusiecki hopes it can stay that way.

“It’s not only just the education… but also the social, emotional growth that our kids need, and athletics is a critical part to that,” Prusiecki said.

Reddix, a sophomore, says this is a big year for him to attract interest from potential colleges. He’s hoping to get on the field and show off his skills, but if the season turns into another offseason, the hard work won’t stop.

“Junior, Senior year… if we have a season, then that’s my time to shine,” he said. “Can’t do anything about it.”

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