INDIANAPOLIS — Driving down I-65 near County Line Road on Friday morning you would have seen a billboard that says, “Hey Greenwood! How ’bout we stop shooting each other?'”

“I mean seriously, everybody should stop shooting each other. It is not needed,” said Greenwood resident Andrea Vinson.

Late Friday afternoon, the message to stop the violence was no longer there. 

“Why would they take it down?” said Greenwood Resident Tiffany Brock.

“I don’t agree that it should have went down. I think it was letting people know we are a community. Let’s make things better,” said another resident, Patrick Vinson.

FOX 59 spoke with the company “JR PROMOTIONS” who put up the message. They did not want to speak on camera but said they were asked to take it down.

“It’s disheartening to see something like that up on the interstate because Greenwood is a safe city. It is a safe place to live, work and play,” said the Mayor of Greenwood Mark Myers.

The sign was erected near the scene of a recent deadly shooting in Greenwood outside of a strip mall.

“The sad reality of it is you know, this can make its way into any community. We border a large metropolitan area,” said Greenwood Chief of Police James Ison.

Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers says the advertiser is taking advantage of the situation.

“We don’t want to politicize anyone’s death. We want to have the sympathy of the family and we want to be respectful of the citizens here in the community.”

For now, residents say they will not stop coming to the area.

“Oh no. I love this bar and everyone around here is like a community,” said Andrea and Patrick Vinson.

Mayor Myers says residents should not worry about their safety.

“As a whole, greenwood’s community is a very safe community and a place.