Heroic truck driver puts his life on the line to pull stranger from burning semi

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INDIANAPOLIS, IND. – Heroic truck driver Bryan Corns replays the smoke filled moments when he pulled a complete stranger from massive flames on Interstate 65 South. Corns took a chance to save a fellow truck drivers life that was disappearing in front of his eyes.

“Who in their right mind can sit back and not try to save somebody if they are getting ready to die? I would not want to live with that,” says Corns.

Corns, a veteran truck driver who has been on the roads for more than three decades was driving on I-65 early Wednesday morning when the truck in front of him hit a guard rail and spun off the road. Seconds later the entire truck was on fire. Corns knew he had to help.

“I saw that there was an immediate fire and knew that it was going to get worse and that the guy needed our help,” says Corns.

The 56-year-old sprinted across the interstate and searched for the trucker who was stuck inside of the burning semi. That driver who crashed has been identified as 52-year-old Tyrone McKenney of Quinby South Carolina.

McKenney was carrying a slippery liquid protein which spilled everywhere, makin any rescue much more difficult for Corns. McKenney was conscious at the scene but died about an hour later at a local hospital. His dog was also trapped inside of the truck but made it out alive. Police are investigating why the semi left the road, hit a guardrail, and crashed into the tree. Indiana State Police are calling Corns a hero for putting his life on the line to save another.

“You never know what is coming down the road, or what you are coming up on,” says Corns.

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