Here’s what you need to know about the hidden coffee mugs around Indy

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– If you’re walking around downtown Indy and stumble across a hand-painted mug, don’t be afraid to pick it up and claim it as your own!

Turns out, hundreds of people across town are following a free art movement on social media, hoping to find a mug of their own.

It’s all part of the Instagram account, Indy Mugs, created by an Indianapolis artist in May of 2016.

Each week, the artist posts a photo of a new mug he has handcrafted and hidden somewhere in Indy.

“It’s an excuse for me to keep making stuff,” he said. “I really just enjoy making ceramics, functional mugs specifically.”

The mugs are all unique in their own way and even include a note inside instructing finders to claim the mug to alert others it’s been found.

“This is sort of a way for me to continue making stuff and have a reason to make stuff, while also exposing people to the city and making people’s days better.”

If you’re interested in participating in these weekly mug scavenger hunts, just follow Indy Mugs on Instagram.

Here’s how the weekly scavenger hunt works:

–Artist handcrafts a new mug each week

–Artist posts a picture of the mug on Instagram at a particular spot in Indy

–Indy community searches for hidden mug before claiming it on social media

–The mug includes a note inside instructing the finder about the claiming process

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