Here’s how you can clean up downtown Indy, help businesses bounce back after vandalism


Photo of damage in downtown Indy on May 30, 2020 courtesy of Darius Johnson

INDIANAPOLIS — Many people have asked how they can help downtown businesses bounce back after protests turned violent over the weekend with store windows shattered, widespread vandalism, and businesses looted.

Downtown Indy, Inc. has some ideas. First, they say you can support businesses by spending your money there. You can also donate to the Downtown Indy, Inc. Small Business Recovery Fund. Also, if you want to participate in the volunteer clean-up effort, you can sign up here.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works (Indy DPW) is also encouraging anyone who wants to help clean graffiti to instead volunteer with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) to improve public spaces in their neighborhoods.

Through their Adopt-A-Block program, KIB provides resources for clean-ups while empowering residents to personally take part in clean-up efforts. The Adopt-A-Block program also requires those involved to regularly be out in their neighborhood having conversations with neighbors, encouraging the development of community.

Indy DPW says graffiti abatement and cleaning efforts on state property, including at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, will be addressed by state officials. 

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