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Noah Phillips pleaded guilty to possession of a machine gun and operating a machine gun. His possession of marijuana charge was dismissed.

Phillips was sentenced to 1,095 days in the Indiana Department of Correction with a 306-day jail credit and 1,095 days of probation.


HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. – A Hendricks County teen is facing felony charges for possession of a machine gun and is believed to be connected to nearly a dozen shootings around Indianapolis.

After raiding the suspect’s home on east County Road 400 south in Clayton, southwest district officers searched his parent’s home on Bertha street in late October.

Officers seized a table full of guns including six handguns, an AR-15, four long guns, two drum magazines and a 3d printed drop-in which converts guns into fully automatic weapons.

The case illustrates IMPD’s ongoing strategy to try and prevent violence by getting illegal guns and drugs off the streets.

“I think what this shows is our officers, despite all the challenges they’re facing, are continuing to work to keep the community safe,” said IMPD Lt. Shane Foley.

Lt. Foley says the suspect, Noah Phillips, who turned 19 just a few weeks after his arrest, came under investigation because detectives think he’s been involved in several violent crimes.

“He’s a person of interest in at least a dozen shots fired incidents, including shots fired into a residence and at least one person shot,” said Foley.

Booking photo of Noah Phillips

While Phillips hasn’t been charged with those shootings, court records in Hendricks county accuse the teen of dealing drugs and selling the firearm switches, leading to the charge of possession of a machine gun.

“We’re not looking to just lock people up for possessing firearms.  That in and of itself isn’t illegal.  We’re looking to target those people with crime guns, guns that are used in crimes and are illegally possessed,” said Foley.

In addition to Phillips, two other suspects were also arrested for drug charges connected to the raids, including his mother.

Police insist cases like this make all of central Indiana safer.

“If we get them off the street they’re not going to be involved in violent crimes and the potential for retaliation diminishes because they’re off the street,” said Foley.

Phillips was released from the Hendricks County jail last week on a work release pending trial.