Hendricks County mother accidentally shot by her 2-year-old child


HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. — A mother is in the hospital after being accidentally shot by her child, according to the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials confirmed the shooting happened around 9:20 a.m. on the 6000 block of US 36 in Hendricks County, almost to the Putnam County line.

The sheriff’s office investigation indicates that a 2-year-old boy found a semi-automatic pistol in his home and shot his 40-year-old mother.

Authorities said the boy’s 5-year-old sibling who was also home at the time of the shooting called for help.

The children were not injured, but their mother was taken to an Indianapolis hospital and is now said to be in stable condition.

“Gun ownership is a right.  I fight for that every day, but with every right comes responsibility.  One of those responsibilities for gun ownership is to responsibly store your firearm.  It’s a lesson I wish more people would take to heart,” said gun rights attorney Guy Relford.

Guy Relford teaches gun safety courses and reminds all parents to always lock up their guns.

“Listen there are quick open gun safes.  I have a safe I can open in less than a second,” said Relford.

As an experiment, three years ago  we set up hidden cameras to see what kids would do if they came across a gun.  Several children not only picked up the unloaded weapon, but some also pointed it at other kids.

In Marion County, simple gun locks are available free of charge.  That’s why attorney Relford believes accidental shootings are 100 percent preventable and sometimes criminal.

“If you didn’t store your gun in some way so it’s inaccessible to people who are not trained to handle your gun, then you are negligent in some way,” said Relford.

The sheriff’s office said Child Protective Services and Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office detectives are following up on the case.   

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