Hendricks County grandma interrupts burglar

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HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. – A great grandmother decided to take action when she discovered a burglar in her garage Thursday morning. Her stern words scared off the man who was attempting to steal tools from the family.

Joan Washburn said she has lived in her Hendricks County home for decades. Her daily routine was disrupted this week.

“I was ready to start my shower and I heard a light knock,” Washburn said about the noise she heard outside her house. “I thought it was my husband.”

She knew something was off when she eventually looked outside.

“I could see a car sitting behind the house which was unusual,” she said.

Then, she spotted a man coming out of her garage.

“That door opens and somebody that I didn’t know sticks his head out,” Washburn said. “He saw me, sticks his head back and shuts the door.”

Moments later, the man re-emerged.

“I stepped out and said ‘who are you and what are you doing?’

Washburn said the man pulled up his jacket to cover his face, jumped in a car, backed up into the street and fled. Washburn’s stern words interrupting the crime in progress.

“I didn’t even think –  it was knee jerk,” Washburn said about her decision to address the burglar. “He doesn’t belong here, needs to leave.”

” That didn’t surprise me,” said Leslie Finchum, Washuburn’s granddaughter. “She’s always been tough. She comes from a line of very strong headed women.”

Washburn said she found a mess in the garage with some tools missing.

She hopes other neighbors stay alert so they don’t have to go through the same experience.

“Just because it is peaceful out here, don’t let your guard down because people see us as an easy target and they’re going to come and get what they can,” Washburn said. “So, just watch.”

The Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case. If you have any information, call 317-745-9354.

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