It’s going to be another very warm day across central Indiana. Starting you off Tuesday morning, temperatures are comfortably cool, in the low 60s for most locations. Take the sunglasses and sunblock with you today. Temperatures will rise to the mid and upper 80s this afternoon, with a lot of sunshine. The UV Index is higher today and sunburn can occur within 20 minutes without any protection on your skin.

Small rain chances

A few isolated showers and storms are possible this afternoon, due to the peak heating of the day. Once the sun goes down, the rain chance will exit with it. You’ll also start to notice the humidity rising the next couple afternoons. We don’t turn oppressively humid but it will be feeling more muggy outside.

Heating up

We’ll repeat this forecast for the next couple of afternoons. The humidity dips again at the end of the week and the thermometer will rise. We could be seeing our first 90s by Friday and on into the weekend.