INDIANAPOLIS — It’s time to walk the red carpet and step into a world of film as the 32nd annual Heartland International Film Festival kicks off this week.

The return of this fan-favorite film festival has fans of all ages excited to take part.

“It means that people my age can do great things and it inspires me, so someday I can do the same,” Zac Nagy, one of the attendees, said.

The 11 day festival showcases over 120 independent films at five theaters across the Indianapolis area.

“When you come here, you will see sneak peek previews of blockbuster films and films that are made by local Hoosiers either about Hoosiers or from Hoosiers,” said Jessica Chapman with Heartland Film. “We also just have a wide selection of independent films from anything like documentaries, narratives, sci-fi, horror, romance, etc. We have everything.”

Organizers say the festival is unique in that it features work from the local area but also expands to work from different countries across the world. 

“It’s exciting to have, to almost be like a hub for all of these people because I feel like Indy is not often known for that but we get that experience and it’s cool to learn from people who are coming from all around the world,” Alice Christie, one of the attendees, said.

The hope year after year remains the same, to connect audiences and filmmakers from all walks of life together and to experience the transformative power of film.

“I think once you see one film, you are going to want to come back and check out some more,” Chapman said.

The festival runs from Oct. 5 – 15. For more information on the event view here. To purchase tickets click here.