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HENRY COUNTY, Ind. (Feb. 26, 2016) – The search is on for some cemetery vandals in Henry County who went on a joyride and damaged multiple headstones. The Mt. Summit Cemetery is historic, around since 1870.

“There is so much community pride in this cemetery, so to have it vandalized and hurt this way is a very emotional thing for everyone,” said Betty Gipe, President of the Mt. Summit Town Board.

Gipe got reports of the vandalism Sunday. She said it appeared to be done by a large truck.

“You could actually follow the tracks, the way they went through the cemetery. And the ones they took out,” she said.

Tire tracks remain throughout the property. Gipe said at least eight monuments got hit. The damage to them, along with landscaping to fix the grounds, will likely cost in the thousands.

By Friday, many markers were sitting upright, but they will still need work to be secured.

Gipe said there’s no question that the damage was a deliberate act, but she wonders who did it and why.

“Your peace has been disrupted. It’s destroyed,” she said.

She said the town will cover the costs to repair the damage.

“We have to make it right. We do. You can’t take away that feeling of violation, but we can certainly try to put everything back right,” she said.

Gipe said she hopes the person responsible will feel guilty and turn themselves in. If you have information on the vandalism, you’re asked to contact the Henry County Sheriff’s Office at (765) 529-4901.