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Hancock County, Ind. — An unusual crime is happening on the roads in Hancock County, someone is stealing road signs.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department says 30 signs have been stolen. Most of the sign thefts are happening southeast of Greenfield, in the rural part of the county.

The county says the thefts are costing taxpayers money, because they have to buy replacements, and take the time to install the new signs.

County officials are especially concerned because some of the signs are being taken near sharp curves or required stops, where drivers count on those signs.

Deputies are increasing patrols in the area, but they’re asking you… do you know someone who has added new road signs to their man cave? Or someone who has been taking signs to the scrap yard for money?

They’re asking you to call the Hancock Co. Sheriff’s Department at 317-477-1147 with any information.