HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. — Deputies with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office will be adding new gear to their uniforms, after the sheriff launches a new bodycam program.

Sheriff Dennis Quakenbush announced the program Wednesday, with staff getting Motorola Solutions V300 continuous operation body-worn cameras to wear on service calls across all shifts.

Image of body-worn camera model that Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office will use from the Motorola website.

The cameras are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS enabled. All video and audio captured by the cameras will be uploaded to a secure cloud-based site where videos can then be reviewed.

“The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office welcomes the addition of this critical technology to our agency,” said Quakenbush. “We are confident that the use of body-worn cameras by our Deputies will enhance safety, promote accountability, assist in prosecutions and provide a transparent unbiased view of interactions between our Deputies and the community we serve.”

The contract for the program was awarded last year to Motorola Solutions. Since then, the sheriff’s office has been developing a policy for the bodycams and training officers in their use.