WINCHESTER, Ind. – A Winchester man was charged after reportedly admitting to molesting a 4-year-old girl.

Court documents indicated a report was made of a possible improper touching of a juvenile on Sept. 1. Officers were called to a home off South Amanda Drive in Winchester.

Detectives said the woman who made the report had just moved back to Indiana from North Carolina. She had stayed at the mentioned residence the night before.

Police said while the woman and her two girls were sleeping in the living room, the mother stepped outside to smoke a cigarette with someone else staying on the property.

When the woman came inside, she saw her 4-year-old daughter and a man later identified as Howard M. Yingling walking back from the bathroom area and coming towards the living room.

The girl reportedly said she and “her buddy” both had to use the restroom. The girl added that they “both touched each other’s no-no spots.”

After hearing this, the mother took both girls into a separate bedroom to be away from Yingling for the night. She called the police to file a report the next day.

Department of Child Services workers said the girl indicated that “her buddy” was Yingling and that he fondled her that night. The girl added that the man had also taken pictures of her, according to the probable cause.

Howard Yingling booking photo (Randolph County Jail)

On Sept. 2, Yingling was interviewed by police.

Yingling said the two girls were lying on blankets “pallet” when the mother and another individual went outside to smoke. He added that after he went to the restroom, the 4-year-old walked in on him.

He denied anything further happened. However, when detectives asked if anything else happened Yingling said, “not that night.”

Yingling then changed his original story of the bathroom situation saying he was also lying with the girls when the 4-year-old told him she “wanted to cuddle.”

Police said Yingling denied fondling the girl.

Later in the interview with police, he explained that he gets turned on for “no reason.” He added that it was possible that happened while lying with the girls. He also said, “half the time it is a blur to me.”

Investigators said by the end of the interview, Yingling admitted to getting an erection and exposing his genitals while lying beside the 4-year-old.

Yingling was charged with child molesting, Level 1 Felony; vicarious sexual gratification, Level 3 Felony; sexual misconduct with a minor, Level 4 Felony; and performing sexual conduct in the presence of a minor, Level 6 Felony.

An initial hearing was set for Sept. 8 at 9:30 a.m.