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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Aug. 25, 2015) – New charges were filed Tuesday against a prominent Indianapolis gymnastics coach being investigated in a child molestation case.

Marvin Sharp, 48, faces four counts of child molesting and three counts of sexual misconduct with a minor, according to online court records. Police raided his home on the northwest side Sunday night and arrested him on a count of child molestation.

Court documents show that when asked if he was sexually attracted to children, Sharp told police that he “liked the human body.”

Police recovered a large amount of digital media from his residence and the gym. Some were contained in locked safes. Thousands of child pornography files were found.  A thumb drive contained a 29-minute video showing a minor boy engaging in sexual acts with a female.

In Sharp’s master bedroom, a hard drive containing more than 3,000 files was found. Investigators say the vast majority of those files were minor girls either nude or partially clothed. Some victims were identified in the files by name and listed as young as 9 and 12 years old. Some files were stored in categorized folders.

Police were able to recover some files that had been deleted.

Court documents state there is probable cause to believe Sharp knowingly obtained child pornography and saved it to storage media. He lived in the residence by himself. The files appear to have been accumulated over a very long period of time.

There has been no formal conclusion if Sharp produced any of the child pornography.

A teen who was interviewed told police Sharp asked her if she’d be interested in a photo shoot. He then took her to a room where he took pictures of her. There were several outfits for kids from toddlers to teenagers. Sharp told her to “put on a white bra and underwear.” The girl said she wanted to go to the bathroom to change, but Sharp had her change in a tent inside the room.

Sharp allegedly took photos of her in various outfits and poses during “four or five” photo shoots over the past three years. At “one point (Sharp) had her sitting on block and had her spread her legs, which seemed both inappropriate and creepy to her,” court documents state.

Another girl said Sharp would constantly “fix her underwear” even though she said she could do it herself. Sharp “would insist and put his fingers inside the underwear and pull down on the bottom to get the wrinkles out.” During this, Sharp would touch her private areas. He was “being quiet while doing this and seeming like he was nervous” during the different photo shoots.

The teen learned there were other photo shoots with younger gymnasts ages five and seven. The teen said a five-year-old had been put in a “white dress without anything underneath and photographed.”

Sharp said “he never put (victim) in a position to feel uncomfortable but alluded to the fact that now looking back on things he could see some situations that he would have avoided.”

Sharp is due in court Wednesday afternoon.