Gunfire damages family home during shootout that wounded three men


INDIANAPOLIS—An Indianapolis family gets caught in the middle of a shootout on the city’s near northeast side.

That frustrated family is speaking out after their home was accidentally hit by gunfire.

An all-out gun fight on Brouse Avenue Sunday night left three men wounded, with an innocent family in the crossfire.

“It sounded like an early Fourth of July,” said Catarino Cummings. “The bullets was just flying.”

One of those bullets shattered Catarino’s window.

“What made my daughter jump was she heard the window break,” said Cummings.

In fact, Catarino’s 17-year-old daughter jumped off the couch and ran for cover and just barely avoiding getting hit by the stray bullet.

“It went through my window, through my wall, ricocheted around and almost hit my daughter,” said Cummings.

“It was so close it sounded like someone was standing downstairs shooting,” said Nathan Lampley who also lives in the apartment.

Several other neighboring units were also hit and Nathan blames easy access to guns for the violence.

“They’re not playing with 9’s or little bitty stuff. They’re playing with big stuff you see Rambo carrying in the movies. That’s what they’re playing with,” said Lampley.

While managers at the Blackburn Terrace apartments insist they’re increasing security and police patrols, the violence isn’t unique to that complex.

“It’s very scary,” said Patricia Stewart.

Less than two miles south, in March Stewart’s family repeatedly had their home shot by mistake, forcing them to put up this large sign asking people not to shoot their house because kids live there.

Just last week 12-year-old Dayshawn Bills was killed by a stray bullet fired into his grandmother’s home.

“You’re hitting innocent bystanders, so it’s like knock it off,” said Cummings.

That’s why the Cummings family wants everyone to put the guns down and stop endangering innocent lives.

“Everywhere is not safe, but come on. If you can’t be safe in your own home, where can you be safe at?” said Cummings.

While there have been more than 100 homicides and 500 non-fatal shootings and stabbing in Indianapolis this year, IMPD does not track the number of homes damaged by gunfire.

A search of police reports shows it’s a daily problem that leaves many families living in fear.

So far no arrests have been made on the case. Anyone with information can still contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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