INDIANAPOLIS — A Glock 9 handgun that was found at North Central High School Thursday morning, according to the North Central High School Administration.

According to the school, the modified handgun meets the “machine gun” definition under Indiana law.

A police report filed by IMPD indicates a 17-year-old student was arrested for possessing a Glock semiautomatic weapon and ammunition.

Sophomore Kariyah Walker is new to the district. While no one was hurt, she and her mother say the incident is an unpleasant introduction to a new school.

“It just makes me feel more unsafe being around school too,” Walker said.

Julie Smith with the Indiana School Resource Officers Association said parents need to be in tune with what their kids are doing and what they have access to.

“Parents 100 percent have a role in this,” Smith said. “If you are a gun owner, you have the responsibility to know where it’s at, keep it locked up, keep it secured and especially out of reach of children.”

She also encourages students to always speak up.

“Safety isn’t just up to us, it’s not just up to the principals, it’s not just up to the student deans,” Smith said. “Safety is a culture, and that is up to everyone. That means if you see something, say something. If the kids see something, there’s a lot more of them than there is us.”

The administration released this statement to families:

North Central Parents and Students, 

During routine supervision at NCHS prior to the start of school today, a student was found to be in possession of a weapon. This discovery was reported by NCHS Administration to the WTS Police Department. Our officers acted swiftly and immediately to enact safety protocols, and the situation was handled prior to classes starting. 

As a reminder, it is the shared responsibility of students, staff, and families to ensure that our school continues to be a safe place to grow and learn. WTS fosters a See Something, Say Something culture, as we know our students hear about potential disruptions and incidents prior to administration in many cases; thus, we ask you to continue to encourage your student to report potential unsafe situations they may hear about or see happening to any NCHS staff member or through our MSDWT Anonymous Tip Line.  Resources and additional support information are available on the MSDWT Safety & Security page. Additionally, we continue our ongoing safety protocols that include: random screenings and searches, daily campus security checks, and emergency drills.

The safety of our students remains our top priority, and the courage of students and staff to do what is right is essential in maintaining that priority. 

Sincerely, NCHS Administration

This story will be updated with information as it becomes available.