Gun experts show how the modifications used in Vegas shooting work

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – As more details emerge in the deadly and devastating attack in Las Vegas, new information is coming forward about the types of guns the shooter used.

Investigators believe the suspect had 23 weapons and many of the guns used were modified. They also believe he used something called a bump stock on a handful of rifles.

"It can increase the rate of fire, four or five fold," said Tim Tomich, owner of Tim's Shooting Academy in Westfield.

Tomich explained how the device works.

"What it allows the shooter to do, is use the recoil to help activate the trigger of the firearm," he said.

He said his store just sold one yesterday.

"There are a lot of gun enthusiasts that like to shoot fast. There’s still the demand out there for machine guns."

The attachment isn't cheap. They run at about $300 a piece. They're also not easy to use. Tomich said he believes the Las Vegas shooting suspect had practice with the modified weapons to be able to fire dozens of rounds that quickly.

The tool is legal, because it doesn't completely transform a gun into an automatic weapon. Some lawmakers believe they should be banned.

State Senator Greg Taylor (D) said he's hoping his colleagues can work together on what he calls common sense policy.

"Everyone wants it to be a free world, but we’ve got to understand as a legislature that we need to put limits on that," he said.

State Representative Jim Lucas disagrees.

"We’re just basically chasing our tails, but there comes a point where you have to say enough’s enough, and that’s where I’m at, no more gun laws," Lucas said.

Tomich encourages all gun owners to educate themselves on not only how to use guns, but local and state laws as well. Click here for more.

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