INDIANAPOLIS — The owners of a popular Detroit-style pizzeria have branched out into new territory with the opening of their second business.

Sarah St. Aubin and Luke Tobias, the couple behind Futuro pizza in the Holy Cross neighborhood, are selling slices of New York-style pizza at their new endeavor Grump’s Slice Stop.

“New York pizza is the mecca,” said St. Aubin. “[It was] started by immigrants moving from one nation to another…it’s the food that brought neighborhoods together.”

Grump’s Slice Stop is located inside the Refinery 46 complex (2201 E. 46th St.) and replaces Elena Ruz Cuban Cuisine.

St. Aubin said they decided to expand to the SoBro area because they “like building up with neighborhoods.”

“There was a need in SoBro for a simple cheap eats spot,” she explained.

The slices, which are about the size of a grown man’s face (see gallery above), are available from $5 -$7 depending on which toppings you select.

You can also get an entire pizza, as well as vegan-friendly slices.

If you happen to run into Tobias while at Grump’s, St. Aubin says you shouldn’t be fooled by his grump-like demeanor. (He’s the reason the pizzeria is called ‘Grump’s’).

“He’s just a sweetheart who likes to cook his heart out.”

Grump’s operates on counter service only. There are no servers.

“[We’re] a hardworking family just trying to make a living while also getting our staff a solid living wage in Indianapolis.”

The hours at Grump’s are still being finalized, according to St. Aubin. But the plan is for all-day service and closing time around 8 or 9 p.m.

You can find out more about Grump’s on their Instagram page.