Groups work to retrieve Americans, Afghan allies from Taliban-controlled country


INDIANAPOLIS — Right now, there are organizations working tirelessly to get people out of harm’s way and others comforting those who are still there in Afghanistan. The need to get people out of Afghanistan is dire, and Hoosiers can play a role in supporting this effort.

The Women for Women International organization, based in Washington D.C., launched its program in Afghanistan in 2002. Since then, they’ve equipped more than 125,000 women in the country.

Now, some of their group members have tried to leave but have been stopped by the Taliban. They find solace in the gifts terrorists and extremists cannot steal.

“You can’t uneducate a woman,” Marie Clarke, vice president for Global Programs for Women for Women International, said. “Even if they say, ‘You can’t organize for women’s rights.’ Those tools that enabled women to fight for their rights all these years, they still have those tools.”

The group is accepting donations and support online at

“Women are calling, writing, sending messages of support, offering financial support,” Clarke said.

Pastor Todd Coconato’s ministry is also connecting with people working in Afghanistan to rescue Americans, Afghan allies, Christians and others.

“There are people that are actually smuggling people out of Afghanistan right now,” Coconato said.

Coconato said the team he’s connected to is working to get Americans and our allies out of Afghanistan by using routes other than the ones blocked by the Taliban.

“It’s a very, very tough situation from a security standpoint,” Coconato said. “We have to be very careful, but that’s kind of how this is happening.”

As many organizations work to get Americans and our allies out of Afghanistan, Coconato hopes Americans ban together.

“We see there’s a circumstance that is absolutely very, very egregious, very, very concerning,” Coconato said. “People’s lives are at stake. We have to take care of the situation at hand.”

Other organizations helping with rescue efforts in Afghanistan that Hoosiers can support include also include:

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