Group plans protest after man says he was forced to take cross off at Kilroy’s

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - A group plans to protest Kilroy's in Broad Ripple after they say one of their friends was put out because his necklace was too big.  After taking their issue to the owners, they say they didn't get a response and now they want to send a louder message.

"And then they said well you gotta remove your necklace, this one because they said it's a large necklace," Jerry Bond said.

A night out with friends quickly turned into a confrontation with one of the bouncers at Kilroy's in Broad Ripple after Jerry Bond wore a necklace and cross inside the restaurant.

"Well the bouncer comes back over really bad attitude.  'We're going to ask you to either tuck your necklace, remove it or you have to leave,'" Bond said.

Bond says he left while friends stayed behind to talk to the manager about what happened.

"So I asked him what is a large necklace? What does that mean? What size is large? He couldn't tell me," Minister David Latimore said.

The Kilroy's dress code is posted at the entrance.

For jewelry it says" no large chains outside of shirt." Minister David Latimore spoke to the manager in person and sent the owner an email to further discuss the policy.

He even posted a video that's been viewed never 40,000 times. He claims his friend was singled out because they noticed other people with larger necklaces on.

"It was a horrible situation and I mean it was embarrassing just to go somewhere and try to enjoy friends and company and get embarrassed like this for no reason. It's like I was just singled out for no reason," Bond said.

Still, with no response from Kilroy's, the group is now planning to protest.

"Send a clear message to Kilroy's, if you have business in this city you should treat your customers a certain way and for us to turn a blind eye to it and continue to treat customers this way it's just not right. It's something I won't stand for," Latimore said.

CBS4 reached out to Kilroy's for comment when the incident happened on May 10 and again on June 7. On June 14, the restaurant issued the following statement:

Kilroy’s Bar n’ Grill has been serving customers at two Indianapolis locations for nearly nine years. We welcome all and serve all. So that everyone may enjoy our great food and drinks in a pleasant atmosphere, we do ask that our patrons observe a simple dress code, which is plainly posted at our entrance.

Recently, some media outlets reported that two gentlemen were asked to leave Kilroy’s in Broad Ripple because of the “large Cross necklaces” they were wearing. The implication was that Kilroy’s was somehow “anti-Christian.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are the facts:

A posted dress code is common practice at Broad Ripple establishments.

Kilroy’s enforces its dress code without exception for age, gender, religion, or race/ethnicity.

Two gentlemen entered Kilroy’s wearing bandanas and large necklaces. Our security staff asked them to comply with the posted dress code by removing their bandanas, and “tucking” their necklaces in their shirts. When they declined to comply, they were asked to leave and they did so voluntarily.

No reference was made to any religious symbol.

Kilroy’s is a committed member of the Indianapolis community. We invest a portion of our profits in meaningful community projects, like an IPS outdoor learning center, and the American Cancer Society.

We are proud of our reputation as a place where all persons can meet and enjoy good friends and great food and drinks. We will continue to strive to be welcoming and to meet the high standards of service our customers have come to expect.

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