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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 18, 2016) — A group of thieves were caught on camera filling up backpacks with stolen snacks.

The crooks raided the same business in the 1400 block of S. Meridian at least 4 times in recent weeks, stealing candy and drinks.

Police hope releasing surveillance video will bring the crimes to an end. The group of young thieves can be seen running through the aisles, stealing everything they can get their hands on.

“They grab all the big candy bags, soda and beef jerky,” said store owner Randy Singh. “The same guys come in. It’s 5 to 7 people, always the same kids. They keep doing it and never stops.”

Randy says the dollar amount for the thefts quickly adds up.

“It’s like 500 to 600 dollars each time, because there’s 7 kids,” said Singh.

Police think the suspects may be students at George Washington High School because during one of the thefts the clerk confronted one of the thieves who tossed his backpack at the victim.

Opening up the bag, police found several homework assignments with the name of one of the possible suspects written on top.

“The bottom line is it’s brazen. Anytime you go in and take candy with no regard for who’s watching, that in itself is serious,” said IMPD Sgt. Kendale Adams.

Police hope the surveillance pictures, in which several of the suspects faces can clearly be seen, helps solve the case before the crimes turn violent.

“Quite honestly they’re going to get hurt or somebody. That’s why we want to get them identified,” said Adams.

“I’m scared. My employee is scared too you know,” said Singh.

Randy says each time the teens raid his store aisle by aisle, he’s afraid to confront the crooks for fear of getting hurt, but he won’t sleep easy until they’re caught.

“At nighttime I’m not sleeping well you know. It’s very scary you know,” said Singh.

No one has been hurt during any of the thefts, but anyone with information on the suspects is asked to contact IMPD or Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.