Group demanding special session to address mask mandate


INDIANAPOLIS — A group is protesting Governor Holcomb’s mask mandate.

The group, Young Conservatives of Southern Indiana, gathered outside the statehouse to protest the mask mandate, saying the executive order is hurt small businesses that are already struggling.

Organizers say they want the governor and other politicians to address their concerns and allow Hoosiers to make their own decisions when it comes to masking up. They also argue small businesses should not have to a pay any fine if they decide not to enforce the governor’s executive order.

“This isn’t about the mask thing anymore. It’s about government overreach abusing the small businesses that’s mainly what we’re fighting for,” Gabriel Whitley said. “our small businesses are on the verge of extinction, and it’s our jobs as Hoosiers to make sure we stand up and fight for our small businesses. How can we save the remaining few of the businesses in Indiana? Get rid of the executive order. Hoosiers already know what the pros and cons are of masks, we don’t need a nanny governor. We don’t need a governor who is going to fine and bully small businesses.”

Organizers also questioned the governor’s legal ability to enforce this mandate. There is no criminal penalty for a person who is not wearing a mask. Some places like the Indianapolis Speedrome have received a fine and violation from health department after they found the facility violated a public health order.

The state’s mask mandate will continue until at least December 12th.

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