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CARMEL, Ind. – Ninety percent of American plan to to cook a big meal for Thanksgiving this year, but not all prepare early.

You can expect to see some long lines at the grocery store over the next few days as people flock to grab last minute items.

Experts say morning is the best time to shop for groceries because the store is less crowded. They say definitely try and avoid the end of the work day rush.
“If you can have people coming in during the regular part of the day, that’s when traffic in the store is going to be the lightest,” Kroger spokesperson Eric Halvorson said.

The average cost to feed a family of 10 this year according to the American Farm Bureau Federation, is $48.91, about the same price as last year.

If you’re looking to avoid the store completely, consider some shopping apps like Clicklist or Instacart. Shoppers will do the work for you and you can either pick up your groceries or have them delivered right to your door.