Greenwood residents frustrated by lack of communication about upcoming displacement

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Greenwood, IN – Several residents in the Greenwood Estates mobile home park say they’re frustrated by a lack of information about their upcoming displacement.

About 30 residents who live along Worthsville Road, just west of U.S. 31, have known for nearly a year that they will have to move to make way for the upcoming Worthsville Road expansion.  But several people say they’re having trouble getting updates on when that will happen.

“Zero, I’ve got no dates or anything like that,” said Greenwood Estates resident Jeff Pearcy.  “Other than possibly 2019 or 2020.”

“We looked online and one of the engineering companies said by the end of this year, beginning of next, everyone would be gone,” said Kathy Ford.  “And that’s all I know.”

The multi-million dollar expansion of Worthsville Road is part of the City of Greenwood’s effort to improve east-to-west traffic flow across the city.  Several public meetings have been held so residents could be informed about upcoming sections of the project.

Ford says she and her neighbors received a letter last year from Greenwood Estates property management, informing residents of the upcoming project.  But, she says she still doesn’t know how long she has before she needs to move.

“In fact I went up and asked them last month and they said they hadn’t heard anything and they had no idea,” Ford said.  I would have hoped we would have been kept up on it because we have to find somewhere else to move, and that takes time.

RHP Properties released a statement from their Michigan office Tuesday afternoon.

“The well-being of our residents is our top priority,” Joel Brown, President of RHP Properties, said in the statement.  “Like our residents, we too at Greenwood Estates Manufactured Home Community are waiting for city officials to provide a timeline and more information about this project.”


Kevin Steinmetz, Project Assistant to the Greenwood Mayor’s office said discussions about purchasing the land from Michigan-based CFMH Sub II LLC are still ongoing.

“Once we’ve negotiated that, then I think there will be more clarity for the residents,” Steinmetz said.

The city’s project timeline can provide some general dates and deadlines for residents, Steinmetz said.  City planners hope to have the land acquired by Fall this year, with construction starting in July, 2019.

“So, it would be an active construction site and the owners would have to be vacated, definitely by then, in the summer of 2019,” Steinmetz said.

In the meantime, Johnson County Bar officials recommend residents have their leases or rental contracts reviewed by an attorney.  That can be done, free of charge, on the second Wednesday of every month from 4:00p.m. to 6:30p.m., at the Johnson County Legal Clinic.  That is located at 170 N. Jackson St in downtown Franklin.

Steinmetz also said the city may adjust its tactics in communicating directly with Greenwood Estates residents to better update them on developments.

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