Greenwood police say man in reported attempted abduction was Good Samaritan, not kidnapper

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Greenwood police now say there was no criminal intent after a Greenwood mother said a man tried to abduct her 4-year-old son earlier this week.

Police were called to the 2300 block of Harness Way around 8:15 a.m. after the 4-year-old ran off and encountered a man who asked him to come back to his truck.

Police said the man had no ill intentions; he was a Good Samaritan who saw the boy and was looking out for his welfare. Police noted the man had no criminal history and drives past the location every day on his way to work.

Police said he hadn’t seen news coverage of the story because “he does not watch the news and had not heard anything about” the incident.


GREENWOOD, Ind. – A Greenwood mother says a man tried to abduct her 4-year-old son outside of her apartment Tuesday morning.

Police were called to the home in the 2300 block of Harness Way around 8:15 a.m. There, the mother told police that she was getting her six children ready for school, when the 4-year-old ran across the yard and her 9-year-old daughter took off after him.

When they returned to the house, the children told their mom that a man grabbed the boy’s hand and started to walk him back to his truck while promising him candy.

The 9-year-old reportedly grabbed the boy’s other arm and pulled him away from the man before running back to their house.

Detectives interviewed the 4-year-old boy on Tuesday afternoon, and put out the notice after his story matched his sister’s and his mother’s.

“As a police department, you do have to air on the side of caution and believe that you do have somebody out there, because we know this individual tried to get a young boy in his truck with him,” said Matthew Fillenwarth, Assistant Police Chief of Greenwood Police Department.

Tuesday night residents living in the apartment complex were uneasy, telling CBS4 that dozens of children live in that particular section where the alleged attempted abduction took place.

“Makes me worried about her being outside,” said parent Desiree Howell of her daughter, “We already had a discussion. She now knows why mommy doesn’t want her going across the street.”

“Yes, it’s scary to have all these kids out here and this going on,” said parent Dena Burgess, “Greenwood is a small town, you’d think you’d be safer out here.”

The man in question is described as white, with a medium build, full beard, a buzz type haircut and sunglasses. He was reportedly driving a white mid-sized (possibly an extended cab) pickup truck with mud on it. He was last observed leaving on Combs Road.

Greenwood police are still investigating the case. They’ll have extra uniformed patrols in the neighborhoods Wednesday morning.

Police are still trying to determine if the man was actually trying to abduct the child or was acting as some sort of good samaritan.

Anyone who saw the man or has any information on this is asked to call the Greenwood Police Department and speak with Detective Doug Wood @ 317-882-9191 extension 195.

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