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GREENWOOD, Ind. – A woman says she feels violated after she found a masked man looking through her glass window and exposing himself. She wants her terrifying story to be a warning to everyone to always be aware of your surroundings, even in your own home.

Loren Alvey says a tapping sound on her window caught her attention and what happened moments later has forever changed her life.

“I looked over to my back door and there was a guy standing there and he had a mask on,” said Alvey.

If that’s not unsettling enough, the man who was watching her from outside, exposed himself while waving to her.

“The wave was so creepy, that will stick in my mind,” Alvey added.

Alvey says, what’s even more upsetting is 15 minutes before she saw the masked man, she’d let her dog out the same door.  She believes the man had been out there, for some time.

“I didn’t know how long he was there,” Alvey explained, “I didn’t know why he was there.”

As soon as she saw him, Alvey says she called the police and made a report. Now, she’s sharing what happened, in hopes that it will remind other people will pay attention.

“It could have went a completely different direction, I’m very lucky and normally I do leave my back door unlocked, so it’s definitely a lesson for me,” said Alvey.

She now makes it a point to always check her doors, to see if they’re locked and her curtains will stay closed at night.

“I can tell a difference,” Alvey explained, “I am watching, I am being more vigilant, because you don’t know what will happen. I would never expect something like this to happen to me.”

A frightening lesson that Alvey hopes will teach others to always be aware.

“He’s definitely instilled some fear in me and I’m assuming whatever he wanted to get out of it he did, because I’m afraid,” said Alvey.

If you know anything about this case, call Greenwood Police immediately at (317) 882-9191.