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GREENWOOD, Ind. — A local flower shop is spreading smiles to community members in need.

The Flower Market in Greenwood is getting a jump start on “Make Someone Smile Week.” Florists at the shop are crafting more than 150 bouquets and delivering them around town.

“It has to make you feel good to be able to just give something away and not expect anything back in return,” said Jackie Poe, owner of The Flower Market. “Flowers are a feel good. Some people don’t get it, but to me, they are always a healing thing. You look at them, you see beauty or you smell fragrance. It’s just the gentle sign of life that we don’t enjoy enough.”

Flowers are being delivered to first responders, churches, schools, and the elderly in Greenwood.

“I think we need a lot more of this, especially right now,” said Sondra Wooten, the principal of Isom Central Elementary School.

Wooten and school secretary, Patty Hughes, were surprised with flowers on Thursday morning.

“We are all in this together,” said Wooten. “Random acts of kindness really do change lives and make a difference.”

The Flower Market has been crafting and donating flowers throughout the Greenwood community for over 10 years.

“Give somebody you care about a flower once in a while,” said Poe. “It will make them smile and it just changes the whole element of the emotion and letting them know that you care. We don’t say that often enough in this world.”

The Flower Market joins thousands of flower shops nationwide for Make Someone Smile Week, an initiative of Teleflora.