Greenwood family burglarized while they were sleeping

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GREENWOOD, Ind. – A Greenwood mother wants to warn others after someone burglarized her home while she and her kids were sleeping. A nearby business caught the criminal on camera.

The surveillance shows what appears to be a man walking down an alley behind Jessica Royalty’s house. Then he walks up to her door.

“He was in there for maybe less than a minute and then walks back out of the house and back down the alley,” said Colton Buck, co-owner of Smitty’s Transmission next door to Royalty.

The man got away with Royalty’s purse, diaper bag, and car.

“It’s very unsettling and creepy, makes you feel violated that someone was in our house while we were sleeping,” said Royalty.

She said she’s so thankful no one was physically hurt but this was a huge financial blow for her.

“I had $950 of cash in my wallet, they decided that they needed to use my debit card to pay their cell phone bill,” said Royalty.

She’s hoping that helps police find the person responsible and she really wants someone to find her car. She said it’s a 2007 Honda Pilot. The plate number is 107RCK and it is maroon in color. If you see this vehicle, please report it to Greenwood police.

“We can’t go to the store, we don’t have a vehicle to do anything,” said Royalty.

All of this trouble may have been avoided by a simple nighttime routine. Royalty admits she may have forgotten to lock the door after letting out her dog.

“Just gotta make sure no matter what, that you keep your doors locked,” said Royalty.

Smitty’s Transmission said it installed cameras in this area for a reason.

“We are definitely seeing a lot more crime,” said Buck.

We reached out to the Greenwood Police Department to learn more about the investigation but have yet to hear back.

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