Great-grandfather upset over gunfire on neighboring property

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BOONE COUNTY, Ind. (May 7, 2015) -- A property owner doesn't like the answers he's getting about his neighbors' shooting habits. The quiet, peaceful woods behind Ed Shelley's property has become the site of a much larger fight.

"I just don't want one of (the) kids getting hurt," Shelley said.

That's because a few years ago, Shelley sold the plot of land to a couple who he knew practiced archery. He didn't expect to hear shots ring out from that direction.

"(There are) 15 to 25 people back there shooting ... on the weekends," Shelley said.

The landowner disputes that claim, saying it is never a large amount of people.

Shelley showed CBS4 the targets, placed just feet from the fence line to his own property. Too close for comfort, he said, especially to his great-grandkids who live nearby.

"I got too many grandkids riding 4-wheelers back there, one of them gets hit and I’m going to go crazy," Shelley said.

The problem for Shelley, though, is that the county has no ordinance against shooting on your own property. The other property owner is within his legal rights to shoot there.

We spoke to that owner, who said he competes as an amateur in archery and uses the targets for bow and arrows.

"Those are archery targets. We shoot the guns into the hillside," that owner said.

Shelley took his issue to the County, where commissioners told him there's nothing they can do. He said that he may consider legal action to try and stop the shooting.

"I just don’t know what I’d do if one of (my grandkids) gets hit," Shelley said.



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