Holcomb ceremonially signs school safety bills same week 2 students caught with guns

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Gun safety is on the top of many parents’ minds heading into the new school year. Already this school year, two high students in central Indiana were caught with guns.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

Friday, Governor Eric Holcomb ceremonially signed two school safety bills in Mount Vernon to try and protect students. The new bills will help with the dangers surrounding school shootings.

Steve Rogers with Noblesville Stands Together says the bills are a start in the right direction but he would like to see more.

“In the year that’s gone by since the Noblesville shooting there have been more than 20 instances where a juvenile has either brought a gun to school or got a hold of unsecured stored weapon and harmed themselves or someone else,” Rogers said.

On Wednesday, a Muncie Central High School student was arrested after police say he had a loaded gun across the street from campus. A day later, police found a gun in a student’s backpack at Arsenal Tech High School.

“We don’t want to rely on the luck that we had. We think that there are things we can do particularly along the lines of making sure gun owners secure their weapons so they can’t be brought to school by children,” Rogers said.

The first bill ceremonially signed Friday provides access to more funding for safety equipment and facilitates partnerships with local law enforcement. It also requires active shooter drills at most schools.

The other allows schools to create mental health and well-being support services for children and their parents.

“Ensuring every one of our students has a safe place to learn and grow is of the utmost importance and these laws will continue to strengthen the safety of Indiana schools,” Holcomb said.

Rogers remains optimistic change will come, but says nothing is more important than keeping children safe.

“It’s a step in the right direction but the fact of the matter is the policy of the Governor’s office and the legislature as it exists today and what was passed is pretty much devoted to figuring out what we’re going to do when the next dangerous school shooter comes to school with a gun,” Rogers said.

Rogers says Noblesville Stands Together would like to see a safe storage law, which would make it a crime to leave your gun exposed to someone who shouldn’t have it.

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