LEBANON, Ind. — Lebanon police are applauding two good Samaritans for rescuing a woman from a burning car.

According to police, two civilians, Lindsey Musgrave and Brett Ely, rushed into action when they noticed smoke billowing out of a car in a parking lot of a local Walmart Thursday afternoon.

Courtesy of Lebanon Police Dept.

“At that point, the fire wasn’t a huge concern because it was somewhat small. At that point, it had just grown maybe a quarter size of the door,” said Ely.

Ely and Musgrave heard a woman sitting in the passenger seat ask for help. The woman used a wheelchair and was unable to get out on her own.

“She was terrified, honestly terrified,” said the woman’s daughter, Brittany Steele.

“My mom has Multiple Sclerosis. So it was hard for her to get out as it was.”

After trying to get her out on their own, Ely grabbed a fire extinguisher from the front of the store and put out enough of the fire to successfully get the woman out of the vehicle.

“I took off to the store and I didn’t really know what I was going to get.  I was thinking  jugs of water in my head or flour. I started running up towards the store saw the fire extinguisher at the front of the building and grabbed that and came back with it. By the time I got back to the car the whole door was on fire,” said Ely.

Firefighters were able to extinguish the remaining flames.

Steele says they believe it was an electrical issue that caused the fire. She is thankful for the strangers who help her trapped mother. 

“Cars are replaceable, but lives are not,” said Steele.

According to police Lt. Ryan Williamson, the woman only had a couple of scratches on her hand and did not need to go to the hospital.

Williamson said Ely bought the woman a bottle of water after the fire was put out.

“Not that we are heroes, by any means, but it is still a feel-good thing that there are other humans taking care of other human beings,” said Ely.

The fire department is investigating the fire’s cause.