Good Samaritans credited for saving Navy veteran’s life with makeshift tourniquet


PLAINFIELD, Ind. – Three Good Samaritans are credited for making a makeshift tourniquet and saving a man’s life.

On April 5, George Walsh was on his motorcycle, taking the long way home after work.  When he got near the intersection of Ronald Reagan Parkway and US 40, someone hit him.  

“He didn’t look or anything and he broadsided me,” said George Walsh, the victim.

Walsh was knocked off his motorcycle.  He says the driver got out and asked him if he was okay.  Walsh says he told the driver no he wasn’t okay and to call 911.

“So, I wanted to see if he was calling, he was gone. He took off,” said Walsh.

Seconds later, three drivers stopped to help. Walsh didn’t know who they were, but he was relieved they were there.

“She was very encouraging. She was saying, ‘Stay with me. Don’t you go to sleep on me,’” remembers Walsh.

Walsh was bleeding a lot. So, the three used what they had: a pen, some plastic tubing, and a sports bra to make a tourniquet.

“I truly believe it could’ve been totally different circumstances,” said Walsh.
Doctors had to amputate Walsh’s left pinky and his left leg from the knee down.  He spent 32 days in the hospital. He now has his leg wrapped in a bandage and a walker by his side.

“I need the swelling to go down and to get a prosthetic,” said George Walsh, a hit and run victim.

Plainfield Police tracked down a suspect and arrested, Vincent Horns.

“I mean what kind of human being does something like that? He could’ve helped me,” said Walsh.

With each step, Walsh is getting strong.  His story is proof there’s good people and a good attitude makes a difference.

“My motto in life is as is your attitude so goes your life. Sitting here and whining about this isn’t going to do any good. I have to be positive. I have to think of how I’m moving on and how I’m going to overcome this little inconvenience,” said Walsh.

Walsh hasn’t missed many Indy 500’s, so his next big challenge is finding a way to get to this year’s.

Police arrested Vincent Horns. He’s been charged with leaving the scene of an accident, obstruction of justice, among other charges.

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